Health and Safety

This page contains SOP's which pertain to the equipment and procedures for operating the equipment in the department of Materials Science & Engineering safely.


Standard Operating Procedures
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4L04 Safety Procedure using HFPortable Document Format428.1kB2016 02 03rd 09:17am
MSDS Chemical ListPortable Document Format14.8kB2015 03 17th 09:40am
Rolling Mill Training CertificateOpen Document Text20.6kB2017 01 30th 01:36pm
SOP Automatic PolisherPortable Document Format486.1kB2015 03 17th 09:40am
SOP Charpy Impact TesterPortable Document Format251.3kB2015 03 17th 09:40am
SOP Chop SawsPortable Document Format247.9kB2015 03 17th 09:40am
SOP Concentrated AcidsPortable Document Format146.5kB2018 03 15th 11:50am
SOP Concentrated BasesPortable Document Format275.7kB2015 07 08th 11:49am
SOP Drill PressPortable Document Format266.7kB2015 03 17th 09:40am
SOP Electrically EtchingPortable Document Format487.2kB2015 03 17th 09:40am
SOP EtchantPortable Document Format518.5kB2015 07 08th 11:49am
SOP EUROTHERM 2416 ControllerPortable Document Format290.4kB2015 03 17th 09:40am
SOP for Liquid NitrogenPortable Document Format150.7kB2015 03 17th 09:40am
SOP for Pitch CokePortable Document Format158.5kB2015 03 17th 09:40am
SOP HF EtchantPortable Document Format277.6kB2015 07 08th 11:49am
SOP High Temperature FurnacesPortable Document Format258kB2015 03 17th 09:40am
SOP ICPPortable Document Format734.4kB2015 03 17th 09:40am
SOP LathePortable Document Format236.5kB2016 08 29th 08:55am
SOP Liquid NitrogenPortable Document Format243.3kB2015 03 17th 09:40am
SOP Lloyds Tensile TesterPortable Document Format186.4kB2015 03 17th 09:40am
SOP Microwave DigesterPortable Document Format298.4kB2015 03 17th 09:40am
SOP Picric AcidPortable Document Format229.1kB2015 03 17th 09:40am
SOP Pitch CokePortable Document Format250.7kB2015 03 17th 09:40am
SOP RF FurnacePortable Document Format266.7kB2015 03 17th 09:40am
SOP Rockwell Hardness TesterPortable Document Format285.2kB2015 03 17th 09:40am
SOP Rolling MillPortable Document Format257.6kB2015 03 17th 09:40am
SOP Salt PotPortable Document Format252.3kB2015 03 17th 09:40am
SOP Tensile Tester HydraulicPortable Document Format253.7kB2015 03 17th 09:40am
SOP Tensile Tester Screw DrivenPortable Document Format229.6kB2016 08 24th 11:34am