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Mani Subramanian

image: Dr. SubramanianB.Sc. (Banaras), M.Met., Ph.D. (Sheffield)

Professor (Part Time)
Materials Science and Engineering

McMaster University
1280 Main Street West, Hamilton
Ontario, Canada  L8S 4L7

office: ABB 430
e-mail: subraman@ (
voice: (905) 525 -9140 ext. 24854

Research Areas:

Solidification, continuous casting, strip casting and shaped casting. Thermodynamics and kinetics of precipitation of microalloyed steel: quantitative modelling of steel processing aimed at nicrostructural optimization for sheet, plate and bar products. Microstructural design for improved machinability.

Current Research Projects:

  1. Quantitative modelling of solidification, precipitation and recrystallization analyses in microalloyed line pipe steel
  2. Thermo kinetic analyses of precipitation in microalloyed interstitial free sheet steel
  3. Microstructural engineering of calcium treated microalloyed medium carbon steel for improved machinability;
  4. Graphite morphology control in cast iron
  5. Micromechanisms of tool wear and chip formation during high speed machining of metals.

Current Collaborative Research Projects:

  1. Development of Environmentally Friendly Non-toxic Free-cutting Steels, U.S. Automotive Partnership (GM, Ford and Chrysler) in Cooperation with Steel Machinability Research Consortium (Four Steel Companies), DOE Funded Project (DOE CIS 320 USAMP COOP Agreement DE-F-105-95-R 22363).
  2. Research Project on Machinability Aspects in Microalloying Forge Steels (Consortium of Nine Companies & NSERC Support).

Recent Research Publications (last three years):

  1. S.V. Subramanian, H.O. Gekonde and J. Gao, "Microstructural Engineering for Hard Turning", 40th Mechanical Working and Steel Processing Conference, ISS, Vol. XXXVI, 1998, pp. 707-713.
  2. S.V. Subramanian, H.O. Gekonde, X. Zhang, and J. Gao: "Inclusion Engineering of Steels for High Speed Machining", CIM Bulletin, June 1998, pp. 107-115.
  3. H.O. Gekonde and S.V. Subramanian: "Tool Wear and Surface Finish in High Speed Machining of Steel", Proc. 39th MWSP Conf., ISS, Vol.XXXV, 1998, pp.733-747.
  4. S.V. Subramanian and G.C. Weatherly: "Precipitate Evolution in Ti-Nb and Ti-V Microalloyed Steels", Thermec’97, Wollongong, Australia, TMS Publication, USA, pp.827-835.
  5. Z. Simanovic, U.J. Brand, M. Ichikawa and S.V. Subramanian: "Studies on the Bake-hardening Behaviour of Microalloyed Ultra Low Carbon Steels", Thermec’97, Wollongong, Australia, TMS Publication, USA, pp.419-425.
  6. S.V. Subramanian and D.A.R. Kay: "Microstructural Engineering for Enhanced Machinability", 38th MWSP Conf., ISS, Vol.XXXIV, 1997, pp.125-135.
  7. M. Prikryl, A. Kroupa, G.C. Weatherly and S.V. Subramanian: "Precipitation Behaviour in a Medium Carbon, Ti-V-N Microalloyed Steel", Metall. and Mater. Trans. A, Vol.27A, 1996, pp.1149-1165.
  8. S.V. Subramanian and A.J. Genualdi: "Optimization of Damping Capacity and Strength in Hypereutectic Gray Cast Iron", AFS Trans., 96-138, pp.995-1001.
  9. S.V. Subramanian and K. Ramanujachar: "Strategies to Replace Lead in Free-Cutting Steels", 37th MWSP Conf., ISS, Vol.XXXIII, 1996, pp.341-353.
  10. K. Ramanujachar and S.V. Subramanian: "Micromechanisms of Tool Wear in Machining Free Cutting Steels", Wear, Vol.197, 1996, pp.45-55.
  11. S.V. Subramanian, Qichuan Jiang, S. Thangirala, G.R. Purdy and D.A.R. Kay: "Research Project No. 27, Rare Earths in Ductile Iron Production: A Critical Review", Ductile Iron Society, Ohio, Oct. 1996.

Recent Awards (last three years)

  1. Vanadium Award, Institute for Materials, U.K., 1996.
  2. Gilbert Speich Award, Iron and Steel Society, USA, 1996

Current Graduate Students

  1. Haron Gekonde, Ph.D., Influence of dynamic of materials on machinability,1998.

  2. Alasdair Paterson, M.Eng., Inclusion engineering of microalloyed forging grade steel.

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