Gary R. Purdy, University Professor

Gary Purdy

Contact Information

Phone: (905)525-9140 ext. 24785
Office: JHE 249

Interesting Material

Professor Materials Science and Engineering

M.Sc. (Alberta), Ph.D. (McMaster), D.H.C. (Grenoble), D. Sc. (hon.) (McMaster), F.C.I.M, F.A.S.M, F.T.M.S., N.A.E, F.R.S.C., P.Eng.

Research Areas Include:

  • Microstructure development in engineering materials and its influence on physical properties.

Current Research Projects:

Equilibrium and dynamic properties of interfaces as they relate to the development of microstructure; solid-liquid interactions, coherent equilibrium, reaction and diffusion in thin films and heterostructures, phase transformations in steels, cast irons, light alloys, machinability of materials