Wei-Kao Lu

Wei-Kao Lu

Contact Information

Phone: (905) 525 9140 ex 24976
Office: JHE 214

Professor Emeritus Materials Science and Engineering

B.S. (Cheng-Kung), Ph.D. (Minnesota)


Research Areas:

Heterogeneous kinetics and mechanisms of ironmaking reactions in blast furnaces and rotary hearth furnace, carbonization, reducibilities of iron ore agglomerates, melting of DRI and HBI and waste oxide recycling.

Current Research Projects:

  1. Technology of low coal rate and high productivity of RHF ironmaking.
  2. Heat transfer in melting of DRI and HBI in slag and metallic melts.
  3. Characterization of low silica iron ore pellets.
  4. The chemical modification of BOF slag for re-use in the construction industry.